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Descendants of  George Bruce 

1 George Bruce b. ABT 1740 d. Dec 1807

m. Susannah (Nanne) Barnes

[daughter of Nathan Barnesj

Had land grant in North Carolina about 1780. Married one Susannah Barnes. Had several

children. Among them: James Bruce. Died in 1807 leaving land to his various children.

2 James Bruce b. ABT 1768 d. 1844

m. Susannah?

2 Cecilia (Sealy) Bruce b. ABT 1774

2 Absalom Bruce b. ABT 1764

2 Elizabeth Bruce

2 Sarah Bruce b. ABT 1771

2 Aziel Bruce b. ABT 1770 d. 1834

m. Elizabeth? m. 1794 b. 1775 d. 1849

2 Martha Patsy Bruce b. ABT 1776

2 Jordan Bruce b. _____ d. 1815

m. Susannah Joiner b. AFT 1783 d. ABT 1839

Married in North Carolina and had several children. He volunteered for War of 1812 in which

he was wounded and died soon there after as a result of the wound. He died about 1815.

Among his children: James and Spencer Jackson Bruce who moved to Georgia near


3 James Bruce b. 1808 d. 1880

m. Annis Barnhill b. 1812

married Annis Barnhill from South Carolina. Lived on a farm which is now incorporated into

Fort Benning. He had a number of children and several of the boys fought in the War between

the States. He died about 1880. Among his children was James Lafayette Bruce.

4 George Bruce [10 children] b. 1829

m. ? Hoopough

4 Melissa Bruce [11 children] b. 1833

m. ?

4 James Lafayette Bruce b. 10-Aug-1834 d. 5-Jun-1915

m. Nancy Ann Rodney m. 15-Oct-1868 b. 1-Aug-1844 d. 28-Jan-1903

[daughter of Perry Daniel Radney and Ann Cullifer]

Fought in the War with Lee in Virginia. Good education, settled down and taught

school. Headed West but got as far as Mississippi when Edward Cecil got sick so they

returned to Georgia. For awhile they were in Cusseta near Columbus, moved later to

Rochelle, Georgia and started lumber business. Never made much but sent 2 daughters to

college and Edward to school in Atlanta where he learned pharmacy and optometry. Good

looking with sense of humor.

5 Minnie Ann Bruce [Died at 13 yrs.] b. 18-Aug-1869 d. 14-Dec-1882

5 Perry Lafayette Bruce b. 2-Mar-1871 d. 4-Nov-1955

m. Sarah Elder

6 Perry Bruce

6 Hugh Bruce

5 John William Bruce b. 31-Jan-1873 d. 27-May-I951

m. Bertha Roberts

6 Dorothy Bruce

6 John Bruce

5 McDuffie Blanchard Bruce b. 11-Apr-1875 d. I 5-Nov-1938

m. ODella Douglas Simmons [4 children]

6 Hester Bruce

6 John Bruce

5 Edward Cecil Bruce b. 9-May-1877 d. 22-Jul-1923

m. Lucy May Dixon m. 18-Apr-i900 b. 26-Apr-I 879 d. 11-May-i 976

[daughter of Daniel Andrew Dixon and Sarah Elizabeth Montgomery]

Started out as druggist, ist in Rochelle and then Hawkinsville, Georgia. Married Lucy May

Dixon in 1900, moved to Brunswick in 1904 where they owned a store on the corner of

Gloucester and Newcastle St. It became best pharmacy in town and had all the hospital

business. About 1914 he was told that his health would not permit him to work so

continuously indoors so he sold the store and went into businesses -a lumber mill near here,

a cotton gin in Douglas, and he bought East Beach. He died in 1923 at the age of 46.